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Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
for the massacre in newtown. >>> and scott brown's political future, more observers saying he won't run for senate. and as i said, corey booker, who has announced his intention to run for senator in new jersey. the problem is he may have to run against fellow democrat and current senator franken lautenberg, as far as we can tell, they agree on just about everything. corey booker will answer steve kornacki's questions and will get tonight's last word. ♪ ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . >>> so newark mayor cory booker has a problem, he wants to run for senate. the problem is there is currently an incumbent democratic senator in the seat he wants to run for. he wants to respect that senator, he hopes that that senator, who happens to be 88 years old, will announce his retirement. that has not happened yet. so how does cory booker run and not run at the same time? i'll ask him. he will be on the last word. and john kerry, when he is confirmed for secretary of
Jan 30, 2013 6:00pm PST
brown other than -- which scott brown tweeted late at night on saturday in the midst of a spring of misspelled and combative late night tweets where he picked late night fights on twitter, he then deleted the late-night tweets and refused to talk about them. he has avoided all comments on what is going on there. scott brown has finally become the most popular thing about him online. joining us now is steve kornacki, senior writer for salon. it is great to see you. >> great to be here. >> total speculation. do you think scott brown's late-night tweets that sort of seem like drunk tweets, but which don't know and then deleting them and refutesing to comment about it, do you think it's less likely he is going to declare for the seat if he was legitimately conflicted about it? >> i think all indications are that he is going to go. it's not necessarily the smartest political decision. i think the smartest political decision is 2014 governor's race in massachusetts for a whole host of reasons. but behind the scenes you start talking to republicans of massachusetts, they say that he and
Jan 30, 2013 2:00am PST
in their power to keep scott brown out of that seat. >> that's what i wanted to talk about next. how are they going to do that? a lot of people are speculating it's his chance to make a political comeback. >> in politics, one of the most important things is name i.d. he's been a senator. and actually a relatively popular one. scott brown did more damage to himself running for office than he ever did in office. when he was in office, he made some unpop r lar votes but his approval rating wasn't that bad. he was recently in the game and does have the name recognition. on the other hand, he did damage to himself running elizabeth warren. he came across in a negative way. the last impression he left on voters wasn't that positive. and democrats are raising a ton of money. they are going to raise as much money as it it takes to try to deny him a return to the the senate. >> joy-ann reid, thank you for your perspective. hopefully you can go back to sleep now. >> thank you. >>> here's your first look at other news around america. we start in ohio. a courtroom attack was captured on camera.
Jan 30, 2013 8:00am PST
to be the placeholder, there's going to be a special election. scott brown, former massachusetts senator that was beaten by elizabeth warren leaning strongly towards running in the race and this new poll showing brown could crush ed markey if the race were held today. there anyone with star power to take down scott power if he throws his hat into the ring? >> the primary will be april 30th and election will be june 25th. ed markey looks like the person who will emerge as the democratic kabd candidate. it's always difficult for a member of congress because they are only known in their neck of the woods so to speak to gain statewide influence. it's difference also than a presidential election when scott brown had a difficult time beating elizabeth warren because about 200,000 barack obama voters would have had had to vote for scott brown. most people thought scott brown would hold out and run for governor but i think seeing these poll numbers has pushed him back into wanting to run for his old job. >> we want to remind everybody, john kerry, sailing to confirmation yesterday, 94-3, with only senators ted
Jan 9, 2013 1:00am PST
their actions are always so responsible. senator warren's opponent in the recent election was scott brown, who was the top beneficiary of the donations in the senate. but scott brown lost, and lost to elizabeth warren. and so today it was elizabeth warren and not scott brown, opening up her new office in massachusetts, a new senator who represents the state of massachusetts, who is not wall street's favorite senator, like scott brown was. and who has a perch that can argue that they would probably make unopposed. elections, consequences. tada! >>> best new thing in the world today, the 2012 presidential election was famously tough on pollsters, but the democratic leaning firm, public policy polling did better than most, correctly predicting the presidential outcome in all the states. they are accurate, we know that from experience, but the other thing to know about ppp is that they're the only sound political polling firm in the country are the regularly out loud funny. they once asked people in pennsylvania, do you have enough santorum in your life or not? they asked michigan people, do you t
Jan 28, 2013 8:00am PST
for former senator scott brown with an eight-point lead over the democratic party's generic candidate. then a 20-point lead over the democratic senatorial committee's preference. brown hasn't made any real decisions on this yet, mark. realistically with all this talk it seems like he's in this race. what are his chances? >> he still hasn't made up his mind yet. there is thinking he might decide to run for governor instead of for senate. the polls show scott brown to be in a very good position. and he would give republicans the best opportunity to pick that seat. however, when you look -- when you chat with a lot of democrats they believe the reason scott brown got elected in 2010 was a confluence of events that might not repeat themselves this year. >> nbc's mark murray in d.c. for us. thank you. >>> just ahead, the kid friendly gun campaign. gun makers are pouring millions of dollars into ads aimed at your kids. dan gross with the brady campaign and congresswoman jackie spear way in on that. >>> plus, state of emergency. protests and violence rage on in egypt despite the attempts to
Jan 2, 2013 12:00pm PST
giving up his senate seat it clears for an election which could have a comeback for scott brown. every senate seat is precious in holding on their their majority. and it's going to be challenging. so why risk giving one away in a blue state especially to a guy they spent the last two years trying to take out? i have a hunch and it's nothing more than a hunch, the democrats are worrying about the wrong thing here. that brown won't end up running to replace john kerry and has a different comeback in mind. brown was last seen losing to elizabeth warren by eight points. but remaining quite popular. warren believe it or not is less popular. her favorable score in the same poll came in at 54% to 37%. this speaks to the central reason brown lost. massachusetts voters do not like the national republican party. they have not elected a republican to the house since 1994 making massachusetts the biggest state in the country with an all democratic delegation. and they've only elected one republican to the senate in 40 years. brown back in that 2010 special election to fill ted kennedy's seat. or,
Jan 2, 2013 8:00am PST
before we go, real quick, ed markey, your colleague, can he beat scott brown? >> i think so, and the issue is this, in 2010, scott brown was a very decent guy, but a member of this very right-wing party. he's got this problem in massachusetts, especially since in 2010 it was his election that really harolderalded a lot of problems for president obama. massachusetts vote ed overwhel overwhelmingly for president obama. running as a representative for the republican party in the senate to ask for a repudiation of barack obama is a problem. >> going to be fascinating. >> this is not just ed markey on the ballot. this is president obama and ed markey, and i think the people of massachusetts are unlikely to, in effect, reverse their vote of just a couple months ago. >> it's an all boston college race with scott brown and ed markey, the school you represented for over, i believe, 30 years. >> 32. >> thanks for being on the show. we appreciate it. >> thank you, luke. >>> we'll be right back here on msnbc, the place for politics. don't go anywhere. >>> i'm luke russert live from wash
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
it right now. scott brown probably wouldn't even run against ed markey. scott brown would be much happier running for governor when duval patrick leaves office next year, a race scott brown would have a much better chance of winning, and a job he would love. i mean, love, compared to the senate which according to my sources he doesn't really like. so it is settled. ed markey will be the next elected senator from massachusetts. but who, who is the governor going to appoint in the meantime? the pointed senator will have crucial work to do on the next debt ceiling crisis, on the next round of budget negotiations with republicans. all of that action will be focused in the senate finance committee, which has jurisdiction not over just the debt ceiling but over medicaid, medicare social security which republicans want to put into play. ideally the appointed senator would take john kerry's seat on the senate finance committee, and ideally the appointed senator would know exactly how that committee works and how the senate works on day one. because ideally the appointed senator would be a former
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
ed markey, so is scott brown going to throw his hat in the ring. >> it's possible. scott brown is faced with a choice, he can either run for the senate seat or try running for the governor again. it's really a tough decision for him because if he loses another state wide race, it's going to be really hard for him to get back into politics. scott brown jumps into the senate race. democrats are coal lessing behind congressman head markey, the dean at the massachusetts delegation, he's been there for some time. he has not seen a tough race for about three decades. so it could be a real good one or it can be really boring. >> the big race is for virginia governor, where we have two very interesting characters, right? >> absolutely. capitol hill reporters like myself love this race because first of all it's only about three stoplights away on 395. and secondly because the cast of characters is just so june neek. you have these two partisan generals, running as a filed republican -- former dnc chair is a democrat taking his second stab at this race, it's going to be very interesting
Jan 30, 2013 1:00am PST
senator who just lost to elizabeth warren, the associated press is reporting that scott brown is "leaning strongly towards running" likely to enter the race next week. they quoted an anonymous republican source close to the senator. that said, the named spokesperson for the senator later told the boston tv station wcbb that that reporting was incorrect. but the spokesperson would not elaborate. so yeah, there is that. want to see the weird tweets that scott brown posted and then deleted after i posted them to millions of people. there they are, whatever, scott brown, you're amazing, there is the question of who will fill the senate seat until the special election. former congressman barney frank has said publicly he would like to hold the job for the interim position. tomorrow, massachusetts governor patrick will announce if he will make an interim appointment of barney frank, or somebody else. the widow of ted kennedy is on the short list, as well. before the vote today, several senators gave tribute to the out-going secretary of state, hillary clinton, she has been a fascinating secreta
Jan 31, 2013 1:00am PST
brown other than -- which scott brown tweeted late at night on scott brown, 2010 in that special election is the only time since ed brook in 1972 that massachusetts has elected a republican to the senate. and not since 1994 in the gingrich landslide when two slipped in have massachusetts elected a republican to federal office of any kind. >> and there is a reason why. and the state is getting more blue, not less blue over time. >> right. >> let me ask you about a broader picture. "the miami herald" reported on an fbi raid on the office of a long-time supporter of new jersey democratic senator bob menendez. the senator is denying any wrongdoing. but is that rattling new jersey politics enough? is there enough noise around senator bob menendez that potentially his seat is worth thinking about on either side? >> there is a lot of concern, yes, among democrats there is a lot of confusion about what exactly has happened here. it's worth pointing out that menendez has sort of been down this road before. it did not involve prostitution or anything sa for his seat, it leaked from the u.s
Jan 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
in the recent election was scott brown, who was the top beneficiary of the donations in the senate. but scott brown lost, and lost to elizabeth warren. and so today it was elizabeth warren and not scott brown, opening up her new office in massachusetts, a new senator who represents the state of massachusetts, who is not wall street's favorite senator, like scott brown was. and who has a perch that can argue that they would probably make unopposed. elections, consequences. tada! . "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples. that was easy. when you spend $50 on hp ink. i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wron
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
for illinois's mark kirk. senator scott brown to be next senator took some jabs at a possible opponent and the data set for south carolina's special election. first we want to tell you about secretary of state hillary clinton. she is now recovering at home today after being released from the hospital. clinton was admitted for treatment of a blood clot sunday. the secretary's senior adviser released a statement saying clinton is making good progress on all fronts and her medical team is confident she will make a full recovery. clinton's daughter, chelsea, also tweeted this. quote, thank you to the doctors, nurses and staff at new york presbyterian hospital, columbia university medical center for taking great care of my mom. >>> a triumphant return today to the capitol for illinois republican senator mark kirk. he will walk up the steps this morning of the capitol as he returns to the senate for the first time since suffering a stroke nearly one year ago. kirk was largely paralyzed on his left side and under went rehabilitation most of the past year. he is expected to be welcomed today b
Jan 30, 2013 9:00am PST
, only democrat thus far that wants the seat. officials close to scott brown said that brown is leaning strongly towards running and will likely enter the race next week. david carr, how about appointing your chief of staff to fill a vacant senate seat, is that a good idea? >> if i were, say, the mayor of new york city, i might turn toward the deputy mayor and say, you know what, i'm about done, and i know you know where all the buttons are, howard, please, take over and run this. >> new york city can only hope, howard. >> big shoes, big shoes. don't want to fill those big shoes. >> who's your call, brown, ma h markey? >> i think he'll lightly support brown again. he's been the kind ever, in our opinion, the kind of moderate republican we need more of in the senate. again, friends of ours in the left will not be happy about that, but if we're talking about the value of bipartisanship, having a republican is a good thing. >> i don't think scott brown is a moderate republican. we've had this passionate conversation about the lineup, but let me get passionate about something, i don't thin
Jan 29, 2013 3:00pm PST
and e-mail lists. what happens after they leave office? as brett erlich explains, scott brown found out the hard way. shh brett's talking now. >> there are plenty of good moments in political digital correspondence, but this is a great one. great moment in political digital correspondence. when scott brown was a massachusetts senator, someone else wrote his tweets. now that he's no longer a senator he has to write them on his own. a few days ago he tweeted this. it was probably an inadvertent sweet, and received a very inned inadvertent response. i'll translate it from twitter speak to colloquial bostonian. >> according to brown waited until after midnight to tweet three responses. first, you're brilliant mac. second whatever. and third whatever. scott when your mocking someone else
Jan 30, 2013 4:30am EST
, a liberal democrat. the primary will take place on april 30. the republican side, there's talk that scott brown may run for john kerry's seat as well. a special election will be held in june. >> transportation secretary ray lahood says he will leave his post as soon as his successor is confirmed. he's one of two republicans deserve and president obama's cabinet. he is credited with addressing pilot fatigue, curbing distracted driving, and improving the safety of roads and bridges. senate is expected to confirm a successor in the next two months. >> president obama says now is the time to fix the nation's broken immigration system. he laid out a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants during a visit at las vegas high school. some republicans say they want to tighten border several before addressing citizenship issues -- to tighten border controls. d.c. officials will be educating drivers about the dangers of making returns across pennsylvania avenue biplanes. >> that runs from third street to 15th street nw. it's illegal to make a u-turn even when cyclists are not present. there's a $10
Jan 1, 2013 3:00am PST
on immigration reform in their party. >> think we'll hear from both of them. scott brown. >> scott brown has the chance to reclaim his senate seat that he lost with john kerry's appointment to the being secretary of state. he'll have a chance to come back. if he doesn't, he won't be running as a tea partier, the way he did when he first became senator there. he will be running as a moderate. which might be forshaedoing of what's to come. >> a gun owner, nra member and talking about bans on assault rifled, and he's really been on the news. >> he came out, said it's time to do some gun control if we get gun control passed which president obama wants to make a major priority in the second term, he will probably be a central figure. sort of a democratic ambassador to gun owners. >> 38-year-old mayor of san antonio. >> julian castro. gave an electrifying speech at the repconvention and could runr state wide senate or governor in texas and that would obviously be a big deal since he's a democrat. but a lot of people think that state may be a blue state pretty soon. >> and everybody's favorite mayo
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
in unison. let me end on a fun topic. scott brown. scott brown might run for senate. he's leading in the polls. and if they have that contest in markos moulitsas, senator kerry went over to the state department. so he's tweeting about this over the weekend and he's saying about his possible run. like he's getting ready to make an announcement. he then people give him grief, as they usually do on twitter. then i says, whatever, michael whatever, bud. then the third one. whatever. i think there was a song about this. then people think he's drunk tweeting because by the end he says you're brilliant matt. whatever. what is that? a, first of all, drunk tweeting, yes or no. >> probably, and you know what, i kind of like. i wish i could vote for him based on this alone. >> cenk: you don't want to. >> i know, i know. >> cenk: he gave away $19 billion from the banks. >> you like realness from these guys. if no one ripped him off yet then there is realness to it. >> cenk: no, he deleted it in a panic. >> he did delete them but at least he didn't say he got hacked. that's usually the go-to m
Jan 30, 2013 11:00am PST
election and we can't forget the scott brown factor. what can you update us on with that? >> i lot of reports on what scott brown will report. they will hear something early next week and is it is it t still seems like he is going to run. you keep hearing the doubts and the longer he stayed out, the more the doubts -- >> what is the main reason or what you would hear would be the primary reason he would not seek that seat? >> only that the typical thing, massachusetts is a difficult state for a republican to win. it's less difficult in state elections for governor where the national issues are not at play and the national republican party as a different overall make where it tens to be moderate to liberal. republicans just have a chance for that. governor patrick who has been popular is not running again when his term expires. that would be the other option. >> thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it and we will be talking with you much more. >> governor patrick's choice to fill john kerry's senate seat is the focus of our gut check. barney frank said he wanted it. >>
Jan 30, 2013 12:00pm PST
the diversity. you were saying originally you thought scott brown and the right calculation for him would be to run for governor. do you think that's the case? >> is the right calculation, but it looks 99.9% certain. you can have this primer on the democratic side and the changing face of massachusetts politics. you will have a battle that embodies what the party now is. this liberal congressman. he will be challenged. an iron worker and south boston. back when this picture was taken, it was a big fault line. he starts out 30 points ahead of lynch. that's how much they are. they did that and brown did that. >> seems like a local show. >> so much more. >> so much fighting. >> they will win the nomination and if he wants to be the mayor of boston some day. scott brown is probably about 47 or 48%. it will be a fun few months. 40 segments on this. >> they said only 40. i keep a signed photo on my desk up stairs and sometimes i bring it with me for good luck. my desk is kind of a wonder world of trinkets and newspaper clippings. they found it necessary online, available on the website and also
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
picked boston lawyer as an interim replacement. >> so who is mr. callan? and is scott brown gearing up for a comeback? >> joining me now is susan mil ler ligan and contributor to the last lion, the biography of the late senator ted kennedy. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> i was pretty moved by it. i never thought that i would see john kerry, of all people, almost break down in tears to the point where he had to drink a glass of water and it was genuine because he loves the institution of the senate and i think he's quite pained over how the institution has changed and still hopeful to be what it used to be where members had genuine friendships across the aisle. he loved the senate. i was very touched by his speech, actually. >> i was a little surprised. i've gotten to know him well after the 2004 election. and to see them emotional like that is rare. but he also addressed the gridlock in the senate, susan. look at this. >> we can't ignore the fact that today, treaties that only a few years ago would have passed 100 to nothing don't pass at all. people who want to vote
Jan 31, 2013 12:00pm PST
and will will drop to five if scott brown wins this june. the obvious path to a gop majority in 2014 would be the states that mitt romney carried november. that's west virginia, south dakota, alaska, alabama, louisiana, iowa and should be a toss-up now and long-time democratic senator and calling it quits. democrats should lose seats in 2014. and could lose the chamber. and democrats ended up adding to their majority. and the suicide club. that might be the real story to watch in the coming months. by nominating unelectable fringe candidates, will the gop squander winnable races? let's spin about this. we talked a little bit about massachusetts yesterday. maybe scott brown wins and the republicans gate seat. the situation in new jersey, who knows what's going on there? maybe christie makes an appointment. maybe democrats win it back. but i think the real question to me and an unknown and sort of a great drama to watch over a few months and years is take a look at the races republicans need to win in 2014 to get the chamber back. here's a great example, alaska. mark begich, barely won again
FOX News
Jan 16, 2013 6:00pm PST
and scott brown was supposed to be the 41st vote against that, and the department of justice didn't uphold the defense of marriage act. weakening welfare work requirements, pushing through the contraception mandate. is this what it was intended for? >> executive orders? >> yes. >> no, executive orders are directions to the executive branch of government, agencies to do things that they are legally authorized to do and not to do things that they might have discretion to do, but that he feels as a matter of policy they shouldn't do. the -- taking a whole class of cases, for example, in the immigration situation, and telling the justice department essentially not to enforce the immigration laws is not what executive orders really are for. but that's really separate and different from what is going on today. >> sean: i totally and completely agree, but we have co-equal branches of government, right? so explain to all of us, if congress has a role, the president doesn't get the dream act passed, scott brown's elected to stop obamacare, and then they just use the reconciliation process, it seems
Jan 29, 2013 1:00pm PST
massachusetts while i have you. scott brown. you think he's the former senator of massachusetts who lost to elizabeth warren. i think it's sometime at the end of june? >> he's a very active presence in social media. he has played very cautiously on some of these issues. he has not followed the temptation that some out of office republicans do making his message more extreme with a career in media. he has kept his message quite moderate. >> if he faces ed markee, democratic senator from -- elected senator, there will be an interim senator that could be a pretty exciting race between ed makee and scott brown. >> i think it will be an exciting race. the can key is, however, in looking at democrats and senatorial and the obama coalition that turns out only for obama, i think democrats have to understand that that is a coalition that they have to work at. if the electorate looks like it did in 2012, 2010, they don't do so well. the key to any democrat, including hillary clinton, is to be able to put together that coalition. >> who do you think would win that? massachusetts is a pretty democra
Jan 30, 2013 3:00pm PST
interesting. the day that scott brown won people said deval patrick, it's over for you. his polling was in like the 30s. and he turned it around, and his chief of staff helped him do that. he realized he had to go back and talk to the people be focused on the economy, and he did it and turned it around so i think he will be a very good voice for the middle class, and i think he will do a very good job in the interim. >> jennifer: yes, and you know he is only going in for a short amount of time. >> yeah. and deval patrick is a fantastic person. we worked with him in the justice person. he is a man that understands the people, the real life practical impact of government on people and i love his choice. >> jennifer: i can't wait to see where he goes next. >> yes. >> jennifer: all right you guys thank you for coming in. and coming up if these images right here concern you. just imagine how john kerry feels. the situation in egypt has turned combustible, and it's far from the only country in the region we can say that about. that story is next. >> jennifer: you are bac
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 133 (some duplicates have been removed)